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KB0019853: AFS home directory migration to NFSv4

This notice is for all users of AFS storage or K: drive for home directory data. The Office of Information Technology plans to decommission AFS...

Changes to Bentley software licensing

Bentley has announced that they will begin providing most of their software for free for academic use. We had been purchasing this software via their...

ITECS Welcoming New Director

Shawn Dunning will become COE’s new Director of IT (ITECS) effective January 3, 2022. Shawn will be joining us from the Wilson College of Textiles...

AFS storage end-of-life

This article is the first warning that AFS Storage service will be retired on December 31, 2022.

Change Management in ITECS

ITECS has been working on a change management process that involves using the ServiceNow system to provide the functional tool.

SolidWorks 2019 in the Cloud

The College of Engineering IT (ITECS) department has set up a virtual lab for utilizing SolidWorks in AWS.

Linux Virtual Lab

Instructions to access the Engineering Linux lab computers to take advantage of licensed software and computing resources.