Computing Labs

All computer labs are closed over the winter break in December.

Main Campus
Burlington 21008am to 5pm
111 Lampe Dr. 226Open when the building is open
DH Hill Library Commons7am to 11pm
DH Hill Library Grad Commons7am to 11pm
DH Hill Library Stacks7am to 11pm
DS Weaver Labs 1228am to 5pm
Centennial Campus
EB3 2108Open when the building is open
Hunt Library Floor 4Open when the building is open
Fitts-Woolard Hall 2351Open when the building is open

Engineering collaboratories are specially configured rooms or designated spaces within a lab where engineering students, faculty and staff can meet to work on projects together.  Designed with technology to support collaborative work and interaction, these learning spaces typically have one or two engineering workstations connected to a large monitor, with network connections for individual laptops. Collaboratories follow the same schedule as the regular labs in their building.

111 Lampe Dr. 226 5 open spaces
111 Lampe Dr. 2281 private space
Fitts-Woolard Hall 2351 2 open spaces

Violations of policy will be treated as academic misconduct, misdemeanor, or felony as appropriate. For more information on campus computer policies, visit Computer Use Regulation – A Plain English Summary for Students.

Rules to Follow

Students must be enrolled in at least one engineering course to use engineering labs.

Engineering provides a modern, distributed computing environment for student academic use in the College of Engineering. Users of engineering computer facilities are expected to abide by the following policies, which are intended to preserve the utility and flexibility of the system, protect the privacy and work of students and faculty, and preserve our right to access the international networks to which NC State University is connected.

  1. Do not allow any other person to use your password or share your account. It is your responsibility to protect your account from unauthorized use by changing passwords periodically and using passwords not easily guessed.
  2. Any attempt to circumvent system security, guess other passwords, or gain unauthorized access to local or network resources in any way is forbidden.
  3. Transferring copyrighted materials to or from any engineering computer system without express consent of the owner is a violation of federal law. In addition, use of the Internet for commercial gain or profit is not allowed from an .edu site.
  4. You are expected to take proper care of the equipment in all engineering facilities. Report any malfunction to the Help Desk by calling 515-2458 or by sending an email to Do not attempt to move, repair, reconfigure, modify, or attach external devices to the systems. (Headphones, USB storage devices, and accessibility equipment are exceptions to this rule.)
  5. Recreational use of engineering workstations during periods of light usage is permitted. However, you may not play games or engage in other recreational use of resources if other users are waiting. Use of some services for recreational use, such as remote access servers, are prohibited altogether.
  6. Use of electronic mail and other network communications facilities to harass, offend, or annoy others is forbidden.
  7. Food, drink, and smokeless tobacco products are not permitted in any engineering labs.
  8. Any additional operational rules and restrictions posted by individual engineering labs are considered part of the Engineering User Policy. You are responsible for reading and following these rules.
  9. Owners of cell phones must exercise courtesy to those around them by taking personal calls that are longer than 15 seconds to an area away from computing facilities. Ringers should be set on the lowest setting or on vibrate. Voices should be kept low when speaking so that the labs remain conducive to work and study.