GitHub Data for Graduating Students

Written by Carlos Benavente and posted by Chris Allen

What happens to my GitHub data @ NCSU after I graduate?

First and foremost, archive ALL personal repositories before you graduate/separate from NCSU. This includes personal repositories you might have created inside a GitHub organization. Why? Soon after graduation from NCSU, your unity account will no longer be able to log into

Suppose you are a student collaborating with a faculty member who will need access to your repositories after graduating. In that case, it is crucial to make arrangements so that the faculty member has access before you leave. The suggested approach for transferring GitHub repo ownership to a faculty is to create a GitHub organization and make a faculty member the owner. Repositories are owned by the organization rather than a user account. Even when people leave the university, the repository and all access controls are retained. We recommend using an organization for any repository that impacts more than one person.  

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