Change Management in ITECS

ITECS has been working on a change management process that involves using the ServiceNow system to provide the functional tool. ITECS is beginning with some simple changes running through the Normal process. As we build out repeatable Change processes, we will change from Normal to Standard to automate the process. The main goal is to provide communication for essential changes that are the responsibility of ITECS. We are also working with OIT to become more connected to their process and have input with their changes.

During our first stages, we are going to be using the ITECS management team as the CAB. The process will start with a change requestor. Ideally, the change requestor is also the implementor. Depending on the group within ITECS, an assessment team will go over the requestor’s change and look for any issues from a technical or disruption perspective. Once they approve the change, it then goes to the CAB. The CAB, if they approve, will go to the CAB manager for final approval, and then the change goes into the implementation. If there is an issue with the change during the approval process, it will be rejected and sent back to the requestor to get the change to an approvable state.

The change process is part of a larger picture of process improvement for ITECS. Soon we will be incorporating a service catalog, CMDB, problem management, and request. If your team would like to join us on your ITSM process improvement journey, give any of us in ITECS management a shout, and we will help guide you through what we have done and how you can incorporate your team into the broader ServiceNow package.