Zoom Security

UPDATE 5/13/20: An update to Zoom clients is now available. Here are some upgrade release notes. 

Please make sure to upgrade your Zoom client when asked.

Release notes of 5.0.2 (24030.0508)
Changes to existing features
-Enhanced privacy design in contact details and user profile page
Resolved issues
-Minor bug fixes

UPDATE 4/8/20: An update to Zoom clients is now available. Here are some upgrade release notes. 

Changes to existing features

  • Remove the meeting ID from the title bar
    • The meeting ID will no longer be displayed in the title bar of the Zoom meeting window.
    • The meeting ID can be found by clicking on the info icon at the top left of the client window or by clicking Participants, then Invite.
  • Invite button under Participants
    • The button to invite others to join your Zoom meeting is now available at the bottom of the Participants panel.

New and enhanced features

  • The Security icon in host’s meeting controls
    • The meeting host will now have a Security icon in their meeting controls, which combines all of Zoom’s existing in-meeting security controls into one place. This includes locking the meeting, enabling Waiting Room, and more. Users can also now enable Waiting Room in a meeting, even if the feature was turned off before the start of the meeting.

For more information:

Zoom Mac upgrade

Zoom Windows upgrade

Original Post 4/3/20:  Zoom is a widely used video meeting and conferencing software. NC State University has been using Zoom for online learning and has set up the University with an enterprise-level account. Recently, there have been stories and a growing concern over the security of Zoom meetings. The main problem is over Zoombombing where people find a random Zoom meeting code and come into a meeting with the intention of wreaking havoc.  

 DELTA has published a comprehensive and timely article on Zoom security Most security issues and their solutions can be found in this article. 

 Notes and quick tips:

  • Use your university Zoom client login or go through ncsu.zoom.us to login to a session. DELTA is updating security measures regularly.
  • Update your Zoom client whenever there is an update. 
  • The Enable Waiting Room feature is excellent to control who comes into your meeting. You will want to open the Manage Participants window to allow participants in. The functionality,Enable join before host should be on to allow people to join before the meeting. If you are the only one hosting the meeting, it becomes difficult to allow people to come in after you have started your conversation. Suggest people come to the meeting early. You can look at the attendee list before the session begins and add all the people who are supposed to be at the meeting. 
  • Require a password for the meeting. This is set up as you schedule the Zoom. Be careful how you distribute the password.
  • Know how to mute everyone in the meeting in case you get an intruder in your session. Under the Manage Participants Window, you will see a mute all button. That mutes everyone at the conference. Also, the key command is Alt-M for Windows and Cmd-Control-M for MacOS. These key commands toggle mute/unmute for everyone except the host. 
  • (Super Tip!) It is a good idea to know the key commands for Zoom. It can make for a quick and seamless experience for hosts and attendees.

Please add your own tips and tricks in the comments space below. Keep watching this space for additional announcements as new security solutions ar released.