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KB0019853: AFS home directory migration to NFSv4

This notice is for all users of AFS storage or K: drive for home directory data. The Office of Information Technology plans to decommission AFS...

Changes to Bentley software licensing

Bentley has announced that they will begin providing most of their software for free for academic use. We had been purchasing this software via their...

AFS storage end-of-life

This article is the first warning that AFS Storage service will be retired on December 31, 2022.

Zoom Security

There is a growing concern over the security of Zoom meetings. The problem of Zoombombing occurs when people find a random Zoom meeting code and come into the meeting with the intention of wreaking havoc.  

ORCID: The number that every academic needs

From NC State Libraries News: Do you have your ORCID identifier yet? You might not even know what that is. But if you’re a researcher...