Non-NCSU Domain Name

Domains outside of may be purchased and hosted at NC State for a number of reasons, such as protecting intellectual property, helping NC State groups collaborate with colleagues outside the university, and minimizing confusion.  All such domains must be used for legitimate university-related activities and must be approved by NC State University.

Our Turnkey Service

For the convenience of engineering faculty, staff and students, ITECS offers a turnkey non-NCSU domain name service.  You let us know what you need using our convenient request form.  Then we:

  1. Contact you securely for payment information.
  2. Purchase your domain name.
  3. Configure your nameservers to point to NC State.
  4. File your paperwork with ComTech.
  5. Get permission from Security and Compliance to manage your security certificates.
  6. Generate a WordPress site using your new domain name.
  7. Set permissions for you to begin creating your site.

Please note that all domains outside of must carry the following statement in the footer of their site:

Resources to transmit this content is
provided by NC State University.

Not sure what website name you need?

Tips for choosing a non-NCSU domain name.