Choosing a Domain Name

Before you purchase a non-NCSU domain, here are a few tips.

  1. Make it easy to type – stay away from slang and words that sound alike (hear vs. hear).  Imagine it being said on the radio and ask yourself if the announcer would have to spell any part of it to clarify.
  2. Keep it short – long or complex domain names make it easy for your audience to mistype.  Be especially aware of plurals which may be hard for people to discern (consist vs. consists).
  3. Avoid numbers and hyphens – pronounced it out loud will always require clarification whether you’re using a numeral or spelling the word (5 vs. five).  The exception is if you are getting a domain for a time-limited event, then using numbers for the year are more clear cut (  Dashes are easy to forget.
  4. Use an appropriate domain name extension – despite the proliferation of top level domain names (like .app, .guru, etc.) you should choose one that fits the purpose of your site.  We recommend sticking to familiar extensions, .com or .net, but you can also choose from thousands of others.  Some domain names like .edu and .gov require special permission so be sure you can justify your choice.