WordPress Site Creation and Rollovers

This document describes how new WordPress sites are created and how rollovers happen (if applicable).

In-place Creation

If the site destination does not exist when the prospective site owner requests it, we create the site at the desired location. Search engines will not index the site until either the site is submitted manually or other sites in the search engine’s index link to the new site. Therefore, the site launch happens when one of the following events occurs first:

  • Someone submits the new site to a search engine manually
  • An existing site links to the new site

Development Space and Rollover

Conversely, if the destination site exists and has content, the site will be created off to the side with a temporary address.  This allows site owners to develop content until they are ready for ITECS to remove the content from the destination site and move the new content in to replace the old content.  When ITECS completes that service, site owners are free to access the content at its destination site.

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