ANSYS Licensing Change

With the release of version 2021 R1, ANSYS has changed their license format. Versions of ANSYS Electronics Desktop older than 2020 R2 will no longer work. This is a limitation of the new licensing method used by ANSYS. Older versions will need to be upgraded; newer versions can be downloaded on the catalog page.

Users of the newer versions Electronics Desktop might still encounter an error regarding licensing:

Failed to enable feature using current license settings. Note that Pro, Premium, Enterprise licenses are available on your server. To use these licenses check the corresponding UI option. For more information, search for “PPE” in the help documentation […]”

To change this setting, go to the Tools menu > Options > General Options… and when the Options screen appears, check the box at the top that says Use Electronics Pro, Premium, Enterprise product licensing.

You may need to restart ANSYS ED for the changes to take effect.

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