Welcome to Engineering IT

If you started out going to www.itecs.ncsu.edu or www.eos.ncsu.edu, you’ll see you’ve ended up at the new web presence for ITECS. We created this new site to focus on the services we provide rather than the organization we are. “Engineering IT” is meant to represent the totality of IT services within the College of Engineering. Not only do we have ITECS’ services represented, we also provide links to the various departmental IT entities that are servicing their clients, as well as primary partner organizations like OIT and DELTA.

The new website is fairly bare bones at the moment. We’ll continue to develop content for the knowledge base, make announcements about our services, and feature important alerts. We encourage everyone to provide feedback if you have suggestions for how the site could better serve the students, faculty and staff of engineering.

Don’t worry, ITECS will remain ITECS and our mission remains the same. We’re simply acknowledging that we work cooperatively within the larger framework of Engineering IT to provide comprehensive services to be sure you can “Think and Do”.