New Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Wolfpack! Your Engineering IT team has put together this quick list of resources to get you started at NC State. You may also get additional services from your departmental IT.

Publish a Web Site

Personal Website:

Personal AFS and Web Locker:

Department WordPress Subsite:

Engineering buildings on the oval.
Not sure where to start? Find your local IT support.


Engineering IT will NEVER ask you for your password!  To learn more about cyber safety at:

Teaching Resources

Moodle LMS:

Non-Credit Courses:


From the University:

From the College:

Google G Suite:

Clickwrap Agreements:

Register Your Device

By registering your device with the Nomad system, it will automatically connect to the University internet when you are on campus.

High Performance Computing

You can run jobs using up to 128 processor cores up to 48 hours and smaller jobs up to a week on Henry2.