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Engineering simulation is playing a growing role in science and engineering at the university level. ANSYS provides a wide range of affordable technologies and services to help meet these diverse and evolving needs. Universities, colleges and research institutes around the world turn to ANSYS for high-quality simulation solutions to ensure that students receive the best engineering education possible.

Documentation + Support Restrictions

  • There are extensive help files in the download area below (select the "...Help" files).
  • ANSYS publishes video tutorials on the ANSYS How To Videos YouTube channel.
  • Specific questions about functions and other tutorials are available at the ANSYS Student Community. This is the official support method for academic customers.

General Notes

The components included in our license are listed in a PDF on the ANSYS web site: Academic Product Portfolio. (On that page, look for the "Academic Products Features Table" link.) We have the ANSYS Academic Multiphysics Campus Solution, which is listed in the bottom row of the table.

User Agreement
ANSYS is made available to you through the College of Engineering's ANSYS license. The NC State College of Engineering is ordering the right for you to use ANSYS for academic-related purposes. Installation of ANSYS on a computer owned by a business other than NC State University is strictly prohibited. You are authorized to use ANSYS while you are enrolled in, or employed by, NC State. Your acceptance of this agreement indicates that you understand and will comply with the requirements of the ANSYS license: I will not give this download to anyone else nor install it on anyone else's computer for them. I understand that redistribution of this software is strictly prohibited and is a violation of the terms and conditions of the license agreement and the NC State University Computing Policy. I understand that I am licensed to use ANSYS for academic coursework, teaching, and research only, and will not use this software for commercial purposes. I will discontinue use of ANSYS, and will uninstall the software, when I leave NC State.

Info you will need is as follows:

  • License Server:
Windows installation instructions:
  1. Download both installation ISO files (Disk1 and Disk2).
  2. Mount the "Disk1" ISO file by right-clicking and selecting Mount. A virtual CD will appear, likely drive "E:".
  3. On the initial screen that appears, select Install ANSYS Products.
  4. Accept defaults and agree to the License Agreement.
  5. On the "Enter License Server Specification" screen, leave the numbers as-is in the top two fields. Under "Hostname:", enter and click Next.
  6. When installation is about 50% complete, a window will appear that says "Enter the path to the next media". ANSYS installation seems to function best if you "eject" the first disc rather than adding another virtual drive, so right-click on whatever drive appeared in #2 above (likely "E:") and select Eject.
  7. Mount the "Disk2" ISO file by right-clicking and selecting Mount. A virtual CD will appear, likely drive "E:" again.
  8. Go back to the "Enter the path to the next media" screen and click OK. ANSYS will continue installing.
  9. When ANSYS installation is complete, uncheck the two boxes that appear and click Exit.
  10. Once installation is complete, you can run ANSYS. (Note: Off-campus users must log in to the NC State VPN before this step.)
A video walkthrough is located here: ANSYS 19.1 Installation (NCSU License Server)


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