Departmental Support

Service Desk Locations:  1002 EB1 & 456 Lampe
Hours of Service:  8-5pm, Monday – Friday (except university holidays and a winter break)
Phone: 919.515.2458

For academic departments supported by Engineering IT directly (COEDEAN, CBE, CCEE), the Service Desk represents a single point of contact for reporting IT issues and requesting IT assistance. The following list is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather demonstrates the depth and range of IT assistance provided.  Please contact us for questions regarding specific requests.

General IT Support

  1. Help faculty, staff, and students decide what technology best supports their work.
  2. General IT consultation for achieving the academic purpose of the department.
  3. Work with NCSU IT teams to remediate issues with campus resources.


  1. Support department operated electronic billboards.

Computers (Desktops / Laptop) Support

  1. We support Windows, macOS, and Linux based computers purchased via NCSU approved markets.
  2. Engineering undergraduate students may receive support for personal devices used for school.
  3. Register network attached devices for NCSU wired and/or wireless network when appropriate.
  4. Setup and support department computers. This includes computers used for conference rooms, teaching labs, research, computer labs, loaner computers, etc.
  5. Ensure that all computers remain in compliance with NCSU computer policies — including regularly applying hardware and software updates.
  6. Prepare computers for university surplus.

Printers / Plotters

  1. Host departmental printers and plotters on managed print server.
  2. Work with departments to keep plotters maintained and stocked with printing supplies.


  1. Ensure access to any applicable software site licenses, discounts, etc
  2. Help department acquire discipline-specific software needed to accomplish its mission.