SuperPro Designer

Intelligen, Inc. | Website | Version 10
Available For Use By
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Permitted Uses
  • Research
  • Classwork
  • Administrative Use
  • Administrative Use
Available Via
  • Legacy VCL
  • WVD
  • Eos Labs
  • Specific Teaching Lab
Where It May Be Installed
  • University Owned Computers
  • Virtualized environments
  • Personally Owned Computers

SuperPro Designer facilitates modeling, evaluation and optimization of integrated processes in a wide range of industries (Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Specialty Chemical, Food, Consumer Goods, Mineral Processing, Microelectronics, Water Purification, Wastewater Treatment, Air Pollution Control, etc.). The combination of manufacturing and environmental operation models in the same package enables the user to concurrently design and evaluate manufacturing and end-of-pipe treatment processes and practice waste minimization via pollution prevention as well as pollution control.

Documentation + Support Restrictions

  • Local example files are installed along with SuperPro Desginer at the following location:
    C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Intelligen\SuperPro Designer\v10\Examples
  • Overview and tutorial videos for self-training are available here: Intelligen Videos

Additional Usage Notes

  • SuperPro is licensed only for academic use by faculty and students in the College of Engineering.
  • SuperPro may be accessed through legacy VCL.



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