MathWorks | Website | Version R2021a
Available For Use By
  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff
Permitted Uses
  • Research
  • Classwork
  • Administrative Use
Restrictions None
Available Via
  • Legacy VCL
  • WVD
  • Eos Labs
  • Specific Teaching Lab
Where It May Be Installed
  • University Owned Computers
  • Virtualized environments
  • Personally Owned Computers

Math. Graphics. Programming. Whether you’re analyzing data, developing algorithms, or creating models, MATLAB is designed for the way you think and the work you do.

Documentation + Support Restrictions

Our campus license includes hands-on training courses. All of the courses at MATLAB Academy are included at no cost.

  • All courses are on-demand & accessible from a web browser
  • Responses are immediately auto-graded – users know right away if they should modify a submission based on a hint or tip, or if they’ve gotten it right
  • Each provide certificates of completion

Additional Usage Notes

  • NC State has a campus-wide license for MATLAB.
  • Our license allows MATLAB to be installed by any student/ faculty, and staff member, on both NCSU-owned and personally-owned computers and other devices (e.g. tablets).
  • Our campus license includes an unlimited number of licenses for MATLAB and all of the toolboxes.
  • On personally-owned devices, MATLAB has a standalone license, meaning it works on- and offline. This license is time limited but can be renewed.
  • When installing on a NCSU-owned computer, especially computers that may change hands (e.g., computers assigned to grad students) or are shared (e.g., lab computers) it makes sense to point at the NCSU license server, as the license will not be tied to one person, and it will never expire as long as NCSU maintains a campus-wide license. Contact your IT group for assistance with this method.
  • For instructions and info on downloading and installing MATLAB, please refer to OIT's MATLAB page and MATLAB FAQ.



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