Web Services

Are you a student preparing to pursue the job of you dreams?  Faculty ready to impart your expertise or recruit students to your latest research project?  Staff giving others the benefit of your personal experience working at NC State?  Engineering IT is here to help you get on the web.

EIT maintains a web infrastructure exclusively for our engineering community including WordPress for departments, research groups and affiliated organizations.  We also provide DIY personal sites on our people.engr service.

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For everyone

NC State offers two easy-to-use services for personal websites — Google Sites and NC State WordPress.

For engineering only

Engineering IT offers its students, faculty and staff an opportunity for a more hands-on experience building a personal website. Pages using custom HTML, CSS and PHP can be constructed on our personal web space service. Space is available with or without a MySQL database on a MariaDB server. One note of caution — the “open_basedir” restriction is in place on all engineering web servers and you should be familiar with the limits it places on your pages.

Effective in the fall 2022 semester, Engineering IT is no longer offering personal web space service. Please use one of the services offered by NC State that are listed above.

Courses, Projects, Classes

Websites for academic courses in engineering are hosted in the university’s Moodle environment, WolfWare. For instructors, WolfWare provides lots of tools beyond a class website that will help you mold your material to best teaching and learning practices. For students, WolfWare puts all your classes in one place. If you need a website for a class project, please contact your instructor. They may have a preferred tool or service for you to use. If your instructor has no preference, Engineering IT recommends the OIT Web Publishing Service because, unlike people.engr, it allows for multiple users to administer and contribute to the site.

Non-credit courses are offered through Reporter. If you are a faculty or staff member in engineering and would like to use Reporter for a non-credit course or as registration for another type of event, please contact Engineering IT.

Departments, Research Groups and Affiliated Organizations

We are proud to host the WordPress environment for all of the college’s departmental sites except: the Joint UNC-CH/NC State Department of Biomedical Engineering which is based in Chapel Hill, the Departments of Computer Science, and Electrical and Computer Engineering, which maintain specialty IT staffs to meet the extended needs of their academic disciplines. Each of the six supported departments has 8 – 25 subsites that represent their research groups. Engineering IT supports additional graduate-only academic sites, research cluster sites, and organizational sites that have a faculty sponsor.

Custom Web Applications and Consulting

The specialized disciplines of engineering sometimes require custom solutions. Our group maintains a suite of tools to improve the efficiency and capacity of the College of Engineering including:

  • A tool to precisely calculate faculty release time
  • A tool that measures our student outcomes for continuous teaching improvement
  • A number of custom plugins that help deploy, maintain and regulate our WordPress environment

We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas that would improve the experience of learning, teaching and working in the College of Engineering. If you would like to discuss a new project with our team, please give us a little information on what you want to do and the best way to contact you.