SOLIDWORKS Information

SOLIDWORKS is software that is widely used across NCSU, mainly in the Colleges of Engineering, Design, and Education. Our license is valid campus-wide, and includes three different versions of SOLIDWORKS:

They are functionally similar, but your reason for using SOLIDWORKS determines which version you should use.

What version can I use?

  • If you are using SOLIDWORKS for instruction or coursework, either as an instructor, TA, or student, you can use either SOLIDWORKS Education or SOLIDWORKS Student.
  • If you are using SOLIDWORKS for research or any non-commercial, NCSU-related purpose not directly related to classwork (such 3D printing or machining), you should use SOLIDWORKS Research. This is the case regardless of whether you are faculty, staff, or student.

What is the difference between Education and Student Premium?

  • There is a matrix here that shows which components are included with Education and Student Premium: Education Product Matrix
  • The Education version licensing is run by an on-campus license server, which means you need to either be on campus or connected to the NCSU VPN in order to run it.
  • The Student version has a standalone license, which is valid for a year. The license is stored on your computer and does not need to be connected to any license server.

Where can the software be installed?

  • SOLIDWORKS Education can be installed on computers owned by students OR owned by NCSU.
    • This includes on-campus computer labs; NCSU-owned computers used by grad students; remote environments like VCL, WVD, etc.
    • Education Edition connects to an on-campus license server, so if using this version from off campus, you need to be connected to the NCSU VPN. For this reason, it is easier for students to install Student Edition on their own computers, because that version does not require connection to the VPN.
  • SOLIDWORKS Student can only be installed on computers owned by students.
  • SOLIDWORKS Research can only be installed on computers owned by NCSU.

How can I access SOLIDWORKS remotely?

  • SOLIDWORKS Education can be accessed via multiple cloud resources:
  • SOLIDWORKS Student can not be accessed remotely, since it can only be installed on student-owned computers.
  • SOLIDWORKS Research remote access is limited to legacy VCL because there are so few licenses for it.

What if I have accessibility concerns?

  • Voluntary Product Accessibility Templates (VPATs) provide information about accessibility to people with disabilities, including employees and members of the public. The latest VPATs for SOLIDWORKS are located here:
    Section 508 Accessibility Compliance
  • ┬áITECS and the Graphics Communications department have also worked with the NCSU IT Accessibility Coordinator to craft an Equally Effective Alternative Action Plan (EEAAP) for SOLIDWORKS use in classes. This document describes how instructors will provide the same education to students in courses using SOLIDWORKS, which is only partially accessible by people with disabilities.