File Storage

Engineering Information Technology offers storage to fit different use cases. We can assist in finding you the best storage service for your needs on campus. Please contact ITECS for more information or consultations on File Storage services.

  • Need to share files with a colleague? Use Google Drive! Our Campus G-Suite agreement offers storage in Google Drive for all faculty, staff and students. You can even share files with colleagues outside NC State.
  • Need to share files between staff in your department? Use Google Team Drive. Google Team Drives are an excellent way to keep your organization’s files separate from individual Google accounts. People come and go over time. Don’t lose documents by forgetting to transfer ownership. Put everything “owned” by the organization in a Team Drive.
  • Have compliance requirements for your storage? (NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, etc.) Talk to the Office of Information Technology about secure storage options to fulfill compliance requirements for your research project.

Once you’ve considered Campus-provided solutions, we offer the following:

Research Storage through Hazel
Research storage can be set up for your research usage through the on-premises OIT HPC group. This service can provide researchers with a secure storage space that the university fully supports. If you need assistance acquiring space, please get in touch with ITECS, and we can help provide you with the space you need on Hazel. For more information, check out the Research Storage website.

  • Free 2TB is available to all researchers in the College of Engineering.
  • Additional capacity can be negotiated on a per-project basis. Contact ITECS for consultation.

NFS (Network File Storage)

NCSU also provides general-purpose NFS storage that can be used for many different purposes. Please utilize the university storage over providing your own storage because it will be professionally supported, include backups, and have university security requirements embedded with the service. For more information, please visit the OIT Storage Service site.

  • 10GB of beginning space

Course Space
Web space for courses is available through Wolfware. Faculty needing course web space should contact DELTA.

Personal File and Web Space
Engineering students, faculty and staff can request personal space on the NAS system. Reach out to ITECS if your need on-premises storage. This storage will be mapped to the M: drive on Windows-based computers.