File Storage

Engineering Information Technology offers storage to fit different use-cases. While we offer primary storage solutions for cases that are not met by Campus-provided solutions, we highly recommend consideration of Campus offerings before our own.

  • Need to share large files with a colleague? Use Google Drive! Our Campus G-Suite agreement offers unlimited storage in Google Drive for all faculty, staff and students. You can even share files with colleagues outside NC State
  • Need to share files between staff in your department? Use Google Team Drive. Google Team Drives are an excellent way to keep your organization’s files separate from individual Google accounts. People come and go over time. Don’t lose documents by forgetting to transfer ownership. Put everything “owned” by the organization in a Team Drive.
  • Have compliance requirements for your storage? (NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171, etc.) Talk to the Office of Information Technology about secure storage options to fulfill compliance requirements for your research project.

Once you’ve considered Campus-provided solutions, we offer the following:

Storage Spaces Direct

Storage Spaces Direct uses industry-standard servers with local-attached drives to create highly available, highly scalable software-defined storage at a cost lower than traditional SAN or NAS arrays.

  • Free 4TB available to all supported departments in the College of Engineering.
  • Available via CIFS to Windows, OS X and Linux clients.
  • Additional capacity can be negotiated on a per-project basis.

AFS (Andrew File System)

AFS is a distributed file system which uses a set of trusted servers to present a homogeneous, global file space to all client workstations. AFS is the foundation for a few services we provide as “Lockers”. The include web services as well as administrative, research and personal storage.

  • Up to 5GB available to Administrative Lockers. Storage varies for other locker types (more information below).
  • Requires an AFS client (Auristor or OpenAFS) to access.

What is a Locker?
Allocated storage or web space is called a locker. It resides in the campus AFS system so you can access it from virtually anywhere via its AFS path. A locker is a logically collected set of AFS volumes with its own quota and access control list (ACL).

Paths to lockers always begin with /afs (on Windows lab and administrative computers, /afs is mapped to the J: drive). However, locker paths branch into different parts of the AFS file tree, depending on the specific AFS cell and how the locker needs to be configured for use. For example, web-locker space is configured for access by web servers, whereas non-web AFS space is not. (To learn more about AFS, see

Administrative and Research Spaces
Only engineering faculty and staff can request and own administrative and research lockers. Faculty can also request course workspace lockers to get additional quota for their students to use in class.

Web Space
AFS web lockers provide space for the websites of departments, administration and research. All web lockers must be organized under one of our hosted domains and must be requested by the domain webmaster.

Web space for courses is available through Wolfware. Faculty needing course web space should contact DELTA.

Personal File and Web Space
Engineering students, faculty and staff can request personal (or “people”) lockers.