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  • Remote.eos servers reboot twice a week.
  • The remote.eos.ncsu servers have limits on how much CPU/RAM can be used by a single process. If something requires a lot of power, it should be done in VCL instead.
  • When connecting to (one of the six servers) through an AFS client such as FileZilla, WNCP, Open AFS, PuTTY, or just SSHing, you can connect to any of these servers. It will just pick one and go for it.
  • Note: Keep in mind that when connecting the AFS cache is per machine, not per user


  • In order to clear the cache, you need to be in PuTTY or SSH. You can cd to the folder and run the commands below.
    fs flush .;
    fs flushmount .; 
    fs flushvolume .;


  • Note: The fs flush is for clearing the local cache on the box you are on. 


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