Enabling PXE Boot for Lenovo ThinkPad

  1. Boot up the computer.
  2. Press F2 -> press Enter -> press F1.
    This should take you to the BIOS screen.
  3. Select Security -> select Secure Boot -> set to Disable -> select Start Up -> select UEFI/Legacy Boot -> set to Legacy Only -> press F10.
  4. Reboot then press F12.
  5. You should now be at the boot menu. Select PCI LAN.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. This should bring up a screen with the Intel Network Boot Agent. Simultaneously press Function and P (on some Lenovo ThinkPad models, this will be the same as pressing Pause|Break).
  8. Press Enter.
  9. This should go to failure, then go to the boot menu.

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